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Embed Product Page Gallery

Written by Totte
Updated 3 days ago
  1. Visit the Gallery page in the Cevoid platform and press "Product page gallery"
  2. Press the 'Embed gallery' button like in the screenshot and you will get the correct code that you need to paste into your product page template page where you want the gallery to be displayed.

Make sure to get the correct ID into the data-product attribute and the gallery will automatically display the correct posts.

The product page gallery code has this format where data-gallery attribute is the ID for the product page gallery and data-product attribute can be either equal to auto which then will fetch the correct product depending on the URL of the page or the specific ID for the product. By default this is set to auto. But if you wish to fetch a gallery for a specific product on a page not associated with the product then use the ID instead. 

<div id=“cevoid-container” data-gallery=“{ENTER_GALLERY_ID}” data-product=“auto” />

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