Google Shopping Feed integration

This guide covers how you install, integrate through Google Shopping feed, and set up Cevoid on your store and display galleries.
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Step 1: Connect your Google shopping feed to Cevoid

We need to connect your Google to Cevoid to sync all product data. Product data will later be used to tag your posts.

Make sure that your feed is in XML format, follow Google’s standard formatting, and contains these required attributes:

  •  id
  •  title
  •  link
  •  price
  •  image_link
If your feed is password protected or in any other format than XML, let us know and we will help you set it up correctly
  1. Log into Cevoid, then select settings -> integrations -> Google shopping feed
  2. Press the button “Connect feed”
  3. Enter the URL to your feed
  4. Select what currency you want your product prices to be displayed in
  5. When you have added the URL and selected currency, press “Connect feed”, and we will start importing the products from your feed.
  6. When everything has been set up correctly, you will see two messages in the bottom right corner, one telling the feed is connected and one telling we have imported n products.
    You will also see that some new information has appeared on the page: how many products we have imported, the last time we synced your feed, buttons for starting a manual sync as well as a button for disconnecting your feed.
  7. We are automatically syncing your Google shopping feed daily.

Step 2: Add script to website

In order for our galleries to load on your website you will need to add the following scripts to your head tag or at the bottom the page before the closing </body> tag. We recommend at the bottom of the page!

<script type="module" src="" defer></script>

Step 3: Gallery integration

There are two types of galleries that can be displayed on your store. These are general galleries and the product page gallery.

Learn how to embed general galleries here.

Learn how to embed product page gallery here.

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