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This guide covers how you install and set up Cevoid on your WooCommerce store and display galleries.
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Step 1: Install Cevoid Wordpress plugin

Start by installing the Cevoid plugin on your Wordpress website by either browsing adding new plugins and search for 'Cevoid' or visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/cevoid and download the app and upload it to your plugins directory. 

When the plugin is installed, press the 'Activate' button. The plugin is now installed and you should be able to access a Cevoid page in the admin panel of your website.

Step 2: Connect your WooCommerce store to Cevoid 

Now we need to connect your store to Cevoid to sync all product data. Product data will later be used to tag your posts. Press Cevoid in the admin panel sidebar and click the 'Connect your store' button to initiate the connection.

You will now be redirected to app.cevoid.com where we setup your account. Click through the getting started guide as follows:

  1. Enter an email that you want all platform related emails to be sent to. This is the primary user for all UGC related activities. Make sure you have direct access to this email since you will need to verify this email.
  2. Verify the email by opening the email we send you and then return to the original tab to continue.
  3. Set a username for you account. This username will be displayed in your own posts and will be used as a slug for all UGC related activities. (You can change this username later).
  4. Connect your Instagram. Follow this guide for a detailed walk through if you get stuck: Connect Instagram business account
  5. Give us access to your store. We recommend giving us full write access since future updates will allow us to reward UGC contributors with coupon codes and other features.
  6. Select a pricing plan that matches your needs! You can upgrade and downgrade your plan whenever you want. No period of notice is required.
  7. Cevoid is now connected and we're ready for integration.

Step 3: Gallery integration

There are two types of galleries that can be displayed on your store. These are general galleries and the product page gallery.

Learn how to embed general galleries here.

Learn how to embed product page galleries here.

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