Embed galleries to home page on 1.0 / Vintage theme

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If you need help to embed galleries, please reach out to us in the chat and we will do it for you 😃

This part includes two steps

  • Enable Cevoid sections
  • Adding a Cevoid gallery to your home page

If you already have done the enable Cevoid sections on your Shopify theme, you can proceed to the second part right away

Enable Cevoid sections

  1. In the Shopify admin panel,
    Navigate to Online Store ➡Themes ➡ Actions ➡ Edit code

  2. Locate the Sections folder
    Click "Add a new section" and name it "Cevoid_section"
  3. Click "Create Section"
  4. Delete all the code that is automatically in the template. 
  5. Paste the following code in the blank space

    <div class="page-width">
      <div style="margin-bottom: {{ section.settings.text_margin }}px; text-align: {{ section.settings.text_alignment }};">
        {%- assign title = section.settings.title -%}
      {%- assign paragraph = section.settings.paragraph -%}
        {%- assign code = section.settings.div-code -%}
        <section class="home-section content-area {% if title != blank %}has-heading{% endif %}">
          {% if title != blank %}
            <h2 class="section-title">{{ title }}</h2>
          {% endif %}
           {% if paragraph != blank %}
            <p class="section-paragraph">{{ paragraph }}</p>
          {% endif %}
          <div class="cevoid-wrapper">
            {{ code }}
      {% schema %}
        "name": "Cevoid Gallery",
        "settings": [
    		"type": "textarea",
            "id": "div-code",
            "label": "Paste Cevoid div code",
            "placeholder":"For example: <div id=\"cevoid-container\" data-type=\"feed\" data-campaign=\"store\" />",
    	    "info": "Press save to see your changes"
            "type": "text",
            "id": "title",
            "label": "Title",
            "default": "See it styled by our community"
            "type": "text",
            "id": "paragraph",
            "label": "Paragraph",
            "default": "Share your photo here or mention @name on Instagram to be featured"
            "type": "select",
            "id": "text_alignment",
            "label": "Text alignment",
            "options": [
                "value": "left",
                "label": "Left"
                "value": "center",
                "label": "Center"
                "value": "right",
                "label": "Right"
            "default": "center"
            "type": "range",
            "id": "text_margin",
            "min": 0,
            "max": 64,
            "step": 1,
            "unit": "px",
            "label": "Margin between text and gallery",
            "default": 30
        "presets": [
            "category": "Cevoid",
            "name": "Cevoid gallery"
      {% endschema %}​

  6. Click Save

Adding a Cevoid gallery to your home page

  1. In the Cevoid platform,
    navigate to the gallery you want to display
  2. Copy the embed code of that gallery

  3. In the Shopify admin panel
    Go to Online Store ➡ Themes ➡ Customize

  4. Click Add section
  5. Click Cevoid Gallery
  6. Paste the code you copied from the Cevoid platform
  7. Optional: Add a Title 
  8.  Click Save

  9. Optional: Move the section to the desired position on your home page
  10. Click Save

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