Embed Product page gallery on 1.0 / Vintage theme

[Only for Shopify online store 1.0 / Vintage themes] How to embed Product page gallery on Shopify stores. Automatically and manually embed is possible.
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If you need help to embed galleries, please reach out to us in the chat and we will do it for you 😃

Product page galleries are galleries that only display posts of the specific product of the page. To make a post appear in a product page gallery you need to add a product tag to that post.

You can embed the product page galleries on Shopify automatically and manually. Below you find tutorials for both.

Automatically embed product page galleries

During the account setup when you install the Cevoid app, it is possible to auto-embed the Product page Gallery. This place the product page gallery last on each product page.

Change the position of the product page galleries

If you want to change the position of automatically embed product page galleries, you need to this manually.

If you want help with this, just reach out to us in the chat and we will help you!
If you want to do it yourself, follow the tutorial (below) for manually embeding product page galleries to find the position of the current code snippet. Then move the code snippet to your desired position.

Manually embed product page galleries

  1. In the Cevoid platform,
    Navigate to Galleries ➡ Product page Gallery

  2. Copy the gallery code
  3. In the Shopify admin panel,
    Navigate to Online Store ➡ Themes ➡ Actions ➡ Edit code

  4. Locate the product-template.liquid file under Sections
  5. Paste this code into the position you want to display your product page‌‌
  6. Click Save

The video below shows how to paste it to the bottom of your product pages.

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