Connect an Instagram business account

Enable all Instagram features by connecting Instagram business account
Written by Totte
Updated 1 year ago
To be able to work with all our Instagram feature, you need to connect with a  Instagram business account

Before you start this guide please secure the following
1. That your Instagram is a business account.
For instructions, please read this guide from Instagram

2. That your Instagram account is connected to a Facebook Business page. For Instructions, please read this guide from Facebook

3. That your personal Facebook account has admin rights for that Facebook Business page. For instructions, please read this guide from Facebook 

  1. Go to Settings --> Integrations
  2. Open the Instagram integration
  3. Click Connect Instagram
  4. Click Connect Instagram 

  5. Log in with your personal facebook account
  6. Select the Facebook Page that is connected to your Instagram account
  7. Select your business account

  8. Select Yes for all requested accesses
    If you don't allow access for all of these, you will not be able to connect
    your Instagram account with Cevoid
  9. Press Ok
  10. Select your Instagram account
  11. Your account is now connected!
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