Request the rights to use an Instagram post

How to send a request for a Instagram posts from Find & Request
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 Under Find & request, you can track and explore Instagram posts that you have been mentioned & tagged in, you can also add hashtags to track. Once you find posts you want to use in your galleries, you can send a request to the owner of the post asking for the rights to use their post on your website.
This tutorial will show how to send requests for the posts you like. 
You will send requests manually through Instagram DM. Always follow Instagram's guidelines to avoid being flagged as spam. We have summarized a best practice for sending DMs here

How to sent a request 

  1. Click on the post you want to request
  2. Click Request post
    Open the Instagram posts by clicking View post

  3. Copy the owner's Instagram name
  4. Share the post with the owner
    You cannot send your request message at this stage

  5. Copy your request message
  6. Open your DM with the owner
  7. Paste your request message and add a personal touch
  8. Send the request message

  9. Go back to the Cevoid panel and click I have sent the message
  10. Optional: Check the Auto-approve box

What happens now?

The owner of the posts will now receive your request through DM. If the owner doesn't follow you or Instagram or hasn't sent a DM to your earlier, your message will appear under their DM message requests. 

The link that is included in your request will show the owner what post you want to use, and provide them with an easy way to approve your request. 

When the owner approves your request, they are asked to log in to Instagram to confirm that they are the owner of the post.

If the owner of the posts approves your request

If the owner approves your request the post will appear on your Posts view in the Ceviod platform. You will get a notification when this happens.

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