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Best practice for sending Direct message on Instagram

Things to keep in mind when sending DMs on Instagram
Written by Totte
Updated 7 months ago

When sending rights requests you will be using your Instagram DM. 
We have compiled some suggestions to keep in mind when sending DMs to minimize being flagged as spam.

Since Instagram is constantly being abused by spammers and bots we highly recommend that you take extra measures to avoid being group together with these. 

  • Be enduring when sending DMs. Don't send too many in a short period of time.
  • Add a personal touch to each message (e.g. with greeting with name)
  • Don't send all DMs at the same time. Instead, spread them out throughout the day
  • Change your request message template Change your request message template frequently
  • Try to vary your DM by writing them manually frequently (remember to include the link when sending rights requests)
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