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Whitelist influencers & Customers

Whitelist a user to receive tagged and mentioned posts without sending rights requests for each post.
Written by Totte
Updated 7 months ago

For Influencers, brand ambassadors that loyal customers you can whitelist their Instagram usernames. This allows you to access posts where they have tagged or mentioned you directly, without the need of sending rights requests.

Whitelist Influencers & Brand ambassadors

For influencers and brand ambassadors that you have obtained consent from outside of the Cevoid platform, you whitelist these yourself under Influencers.

Only whitelist Instagram accounts where you already have their consent of using their posts outside of Instagram.
  1.  Navigate to Influencers
  2. In the upper right corner, press the sign
  3. Add the Instagram handle

Let customers whitelist themselves

When your customers answers your rights requests they are also given the option to give you the rights to also use future posts where they have tagged or mentioned you. This way, your customers can whitelist themselves.

Learn how to send rights requests for Instagram posts here

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